Formerly MCA
The constant evolution of the automotive industry is a source of great inspiration for us, and we are excited to play our part in introducing new, exciting innovations that change the face of the market.

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There are those who initiate, who lead the change and dictate the new standard, and there is everyone else. We are here to dictate the pace, to lead – in creativity, in innovation, in a groundbreaking approach.

Our mission, as a customer-driven company that specializes in the automotive field, is to provide our customers with advanced solutions; to address their changing needs together, and create unique experiences through excellence, passion and creativity, while achieving pre-defined business goals.

Our Story

A proudly Israeli company, Samelet has been a long-standing feature of the automotive landscape both locally and around the world, establishing a name for itself that is synonymous with ‘credibility’ and ‘loyalty’.
Today, the company operates a nationwide network of branches where customers receive comprehensive service until the moment they take delivery of the key to their new vehicle, with ongoing follow-up support thereafter.
Samelet’s seniority and strong tradition in the Israeli automotive market extend back to its founding in 1946.

The Company

The company has been the sole importer of all Fiat brands ever since.
In 1989, Samelet was acquired by the Levi Group, another home-grown Israeli company, and in 1991 became the official representative of the Alfa Romeo brand in Israel. In the intervening years, Samelet has expanded its business in the automotive sector and now represents a range of top global car brands.

By 2012, Samelet had acquired Auto-Italy Romania, and truck and bus brand Iveco, and in 2013, the company became the official representative of Subaru in Israel.

The following year, Samelet acquired part ownership of the luxury Ferrari and Maserati brands, and in 2016 completed a merger with FCA Automotive, taking on its brands – Jeep, Chrysler, Ram and Dodge.
At the end of 2019, Samelet acquired full ownership of Auto Italia, fully merging the Ferrari Maserati brands into its operations.